Mouse Shortcuts in Acme

Acme has a very simple mouse interface, the first button selects text, the second button selects text, and the third button also selects text.” – Charles Forsyth (paraphrased)

Acme uses a very special, and I might add, cool, ‘mouse chording’ system that makes many complex text editing operations very simple and fast.

Basic mouse operations

* This applies either to text ‘sweep’ by the mouse while holding down this button, or to the word/command under the cursor if it is clicked once.

Mouse chords

Thanks to Tom Lieber for creating this graphical representation of the various mouse chords:

Acme Mouse Chords Cheat Sheet

Todo: Illustrate the chord using button 2 followed by button 1 to pass selected text as argument to the command executed.

(Note: This list of chords is incomplete, for now see the acme(1) manual page for an explanation of mouse chording.)

Simulating 3 Buttons

Some mice (specially on laptops) lack 3 buttons, but usually there is a way to ‘emulate’ the missing buttons, but this is specific to the version of acme you are using, consult the p9p or acme-sac documentation for details.

Still, it is recommended you just get a real mouse or a real (Thinkpad) laptop ;)

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